Chiron Group to Invest 46 Million in Hospital in the West


If there were doubts that Cordoba is a magnet for private healthcare Chiron Group, with hospitals in eleven regions, has a strong project to settle in Cordoba. The planned investment is strong 46 million euros and will also have Municipal Planning Thursday activates the administrative process for the firm to build a 100-room hospital in West, just down the Airport Avenue, approximately 400 meters from the Reina Sofia. The parcel area reaches 19,000 square meters and it will raise a building of four floors and a basement that will add 16,100 meters square and will be completed with space for 200 parking spaces.

The decision taken by the management this week is a mere formality. As the floor of the extension of Souk district in which Chiron wants to make hospital is owned by the municipality and is listed as suitable for medical equipment, the first step of the technical mechanism that would yield Consistory that management becomes aware of the project and, in a phase that will begin shortly, to open a specification for the grant of that land to a company that wants to make a hospital in it. In addition to Chiron, which is who has driven the administrative procedure to submit their plans to the Management may choose to use that land other than healthcare companies. The logic is that Chiron is the beneficiary of the grant.

The group’s plans are ambitious. The investment of 39 million euros in civil engineering and seven medical teams will go to set up a hospital that only in its first year of operation, there is no by the time an estimate of how long the work will have 253 workers. The model will be increased in the first years of operation of the hospital, so you get to 584 in its fifth year. Most physicians are employees (189), followed by assistants (181), nurses (112), technicians (43), managers (39) and guards (20).

What will be provided in the hospital’s medical specialties by Chiron? Almost all of the medical services will be provided as per the catalog; the catalog is listed with 38 health centers, from cardiology to psychiatry through Assisted Reproduction and Urology. The enclosure will have six operating rooms, two of them ambulatory, three delivery rooms, three rooms expansion, a hemodynamic, two endoscopy, five beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for adults, eight for infants along with an emergency room for adults and the pediatric patients. The site is complete with a surgical day care and other cancers besides with 60 queries, an analytical laboratory, another of Pathology and one of Assisted Reproduction.

Plans for Chiron handled Cordoba building located in the first of the four floors of exhibition include the emergency department, the outpatient, chapel, hall, catering services and cafeteria. On the first floor, the located are the Day Hospital, Neonatal, Critical and Surgical and Obstetrics blocks. The second floor is reserved for communication facilities and logistics while on the third and fourth floor, there are 50 rooms on each. The basement will be used to host the laboratories, kitchens and access of goods.

Chiron has, after the merger with USP Hospitals with the largest medical staff in the sector with 6,500 physicians. It is the first private group of Spain in number of patients and healthcare area (411,500 meters square). The company operates in 45 facilities, including general hospitals in twenty towns.

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