Fear of Eurovegas Health Open Season on Smoking Ban


Doctors, nurses and unions unite against the possibility that the standard miscarrying, which has prevented deaths, heart attacks and hospital admissions.

Health professionals fear the possible authorization of open Eurovegas smoking ban and start consuming snuff in other venues, especially hotels. Opponents of the smoking ban change to meet the tycoon Sheldon Adelson who ahs joined in a block which represents colleges of physicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists and pharmacists, scientific societies, consumers and political parties.

‘What legitimacy is to enforce the law in the tavern of Uncle Pepe to not smoke there if you can smoke Eurovegas? Why not Torrelodones casino?’, Denounced the president of the Medical College Organization, Juan José Rodríguez Sendín.

If you change the law and allow smoking in public places, such as the case of mega-casino that projects up in Alcorcón (Madrid), the law would remove ‘a lot of moral strength.’ What you think is responsible for the WTO, outraged that the Madrid agrees to allow access of minors to the entertainment areas of gaming venues. ‘It would be terrific,’ said Sendín, whom the mere possibility of that happening seemed ‘tremendous’ for the ‘mental health’ of the population. The group of organizations Adelson project abomination born with many accessions, but with the absence of PP, the Ministry of Health and the CEOE. The group of signatories of manifesto associations has joined the PSOE, IU, UPyD, plus the UGT and CCOO, among others.

Opponents of the initiative, blessed by the Government of the Community of Madrid, stressed that it is not necessary to change the law to create jobs, and less ally with economic interests that seeks to ‘commodify’ health.

‘Someone came out to tell us what we have to do, I find it regrettable and indecent,’ said Sendín. Equally emphatic was the president of the National Committee for Smoking Prevention (NPTC), Francisco Rodriguez Lozano, who noted that 82% of Spanish reject the assumption of being able to smoke in casinos.

The members of this newborn platform as a step behind a possible exception to the rule made as the American businessman. They argue that the rule was beginning to bear fruit, which has resulted in a 40% reduction in hospital admissions for heart attacks and sale of packs. In addition, smoking prevalence decreased from 26.2% of the population over 15 years in 2006 to 23.95% in 2012.

With pressures by successful tycoons, the Spanish model of smoke-free stop will be a worldwide reference. So far it has been inspired by Chile, Hungary, Bulgaria and Brazil to pass similar legislation.

The organizations that have signed a conclusion after holding a day of debate on ‘Eurovegas and Snuff Law’, deplore the evil arts of the tobacco industry. The president of the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration (SESPAS), Ildefonso Hernandez, argued that manufacturers never show their faces and take refuge in smoking clubs to open cracks in the legislation.

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