Health Centers Recorded 40 Physical Assaults In Nine Months


The centers of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) have recorded 40 physical assaults in the first nine months of this year, adding to the last violent episode recorded last Sunday at the health center Pino Montano B, where six people were attacked by four individuals who went to the ER. Three of the victims, SAS professionals, needed assistance Traumotologia Hospital by the heavy blows they received and, at present, are favorably recovered from injuries, but suffer problems of anxiety and stress for what happened.

SAS workers in all health centers in the city held yesterday concentrations condemning violence in the consultations and showed their solidarity with the attacked. The Ministry of Health was in full support to the point of ER professionals in Pine Montanto and announced that witnessing at the cause. In addition, the holder Andalusian Health, María José Sánchez, stressed that reinforcement of all the measures included in the plan to avoid these situations.

At the time of the incident, around seven in the evening on Sunday, the ER of Pino Montano did not have the presence of a security guard. The problems began with the arrival of a patient who had symptoms of alcohol poisoning, accompanied by three people to the point of emergency. Coming from Roma Empty and these individuals reacted very violently when the professionals asked the relatives to leave the room and stay in the waiting room. At that time the patient companions and began to attack with great violence to the professionals and smashed furniture. After the attack the health center was closed preemptively and, according to witnesses, relatives of the attackers remained outside carrying knives.

The Medical Association of Seville, next to other plants as SATs and CSIF, yesterday demanded more security in this health center where there have been three physical assaults in just six months. ‘We condemn these acts and demand that the perpetrators are not immune,’ said Reyes Zabala spokesman SATs. The Medical Union kept calling ‘active security measures truly ensure that this does not happen again.’ These cases of violence are often classified as crimes of offense against authority so that beyond a failure, the authors receive prison sentences.

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