Medical Professionals Come Together To Demand More Security


The brutal assault on last Sunday on five medical professionals and a patient at the health center Pino Montano B, by some members of a gypsy clan, led yesterday that mobilized the collective action to demand strong safety. The concentrations were convened at the gates of all health centers of Seville in order to condemn the actions, which resulted in the transfer to the hospital of a doctor, a nurse and a patient.

The Medical Association warned that the group is developing their professional work in a situation of risk and that the Ministry of Health promised in writing incorporating a security guard and ‘five months later has not been met.’ Therefore, the center’s professionals signed a letter to the director of the Sanitary District of Seville, which demanded the presence of a security guard at all times.

The attack on Sunday is the third to be recorded in the center so far this year. Another similar incident occurred last May, when a doctor urgently needed for maxillofacial surgery after broken nose as a result of a beating. In this sense, the CSIF union warned that the protocol adopted by the Sanitary District ‘is insufficient, repeatedly flouted the law on prevention of occupational hazards.’

As for the measures included in the protocol, the panel believes that they are only a ‘momentary patch’ and that ‘they do not solve the serious situation faced by healthcare workers caring emergencies.’

For its part, the provincial secretary of the union of nursing SATs, Reyes Zabala, encouraged practitioners to denounce and urged the Administration to increase security measures, because ‘in recent years, there have been many attacks.’

Faced with such support, the Board responded quickly, announcing that witnessing at the cause. The Minister of Health, María José Sánchez Rubio, recognized the work of these professionals and stressed that the department is and will be ‘absolutely adamant’ against such situations. She also recalled that the Ministry has a Prevention and Response Plan, highlighting legal assistance to victims. However, it did not rule on the need to incorporate a guard to center. The Mayor of Sevilla, Juan Ignacio Zoido urged to take necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of events like this.

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