As Men Lose Weight Or What We Learn From Them?


As men lose weight or what we learn from them?

As men lose weight or what we learn from them?

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Sexy body in swimwear solved before summer mostly women, but in recent years increasing and men who want to show off a pretty solid appearance. How men with diets are, weight loss and exercise routine?Read More About Weight Loss

Corresponds Coach Martin Happy, professional personal trainer, head Diagnose study Dries a team member on the show you are what you eat

* 1st it keeps men do you diet?

Dietary classic among men too will not If you already adhere to a diet, so it is for something else (work, health, spiritual or religious reasons, etc.).

* 2nd with the weight seems to bother as much as women, but obesity is far worse, right?

Men usually gaining fat in the middle of the body, which is risky for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Also tend to have more frequent problems with high cholesterol and elevated liver tests, but also a large number of women, so I would to men.

* 3rd why do men actually lose weight better?

Men do not head to the “few extra pounds”, it can be an advantage. Their body is different, otherwise stored fat, respond well to increased physical activity, easily gaining muscle mass and have often destroyed the metabolism of chronic diet. But even here it is worth precisely target training and diet. It saves time, money and health.

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