Choose A Fragrance That Help You


How, then choose a perfume that reflects our personality?

The right perfume for you shall speak. The perfume is composed of three parts depending on how the fragrance to be released. The so-called head creates the first impression, these high tones you feel about the first fifteen minutes.

The second part – the heart – full stands out afterwards.

The base of the perfume, low tones, operates in some perfumes and dozens of hours. It is important not to rush with the purchase of perfume, but right scent would be in harmony with you.

When you go to the store to choose a perfume, do not consider and ask the saleswoman what the ingredients are given fragrance composed, but and ask yourself first.

What do you smell that reminds me of?

What inspires emotion in you? Assimilation scent to what we know of life or what feels good, it is absolutely indispensable.

Sometimes the smell may not cause anything specific.

Just a nice feeling that you took away somewhere that once you feel comfortable and rested tuned.

Sometimes the smell can be perceived as a positive escape from the everyday stereotype.

If you purchase when first examined the ingredients, you might be discouraged that you selected contains a perfume such as vanilla, which in itself does not like at all and you did not test it.

Do you believe that a correctly chosen perfume a woman can get a man interested?

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