How To Avoid The Most Common Excuses

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It is appropriate partners to support each other and trained together eventually?

Some of it will satisfy, reconcile it can be. Personally, I recommend having something just for you.

How to avoid the most common excuses?

He wants to beat, lasts what you enjoy, sometimes it helps and that you have a deal with a trainer, but always have to do it for yourself and be happy.

12th Men often solves more muscles, belly pan, etc., is that good?

If it will help them to do something, so be it, but only what is right, is the very joy of movement and there is a need to look for.

13th It is good to make someone grow muscle mass, eat some food supplements?

Reasons for dietary supplements do not see too much, I think most of them are useless.

14th What to drink in the gym – water or soda?

Suits me boiled water

* 15th what such a man can give after a workout or before exercise to eat?

That is the question! It depends on which training will be (morning, afternoon, evening), also what kind (or aerobic fitness) and how long it will be. For example, I work out at the gym in the afternoon, I have a snack two hours before training (whole-wheat bun, cottage cheese, ham) and after 1.5 hours long training normally dinner (chicken meat with natural rice).

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