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Guess who will be the one, or the one who will come soon?

So far I have never missed the sex, I have dreams about it. For babies now I know who it will be. So far, it merely observes the ultrasound, it fascinates me.

If I could, I would put up all the time. Sometimes such gestures would all say: Look at me, I and sometimes you can be hands before his face and hides. It’s such a shy baby.

And that’s just … I experience all those wonderful feelings, looking forward and fears, but I want them to live only with those concerned.

Everyone keeps asking, but I feel that it is a genuine interest that I take as an attraction.

And yet do not experience anything quite so.

Every other couple with us divorced, everyone has partner and other children. Let everyone lives to what is just and courage. I just want peace.

* So what is your measure of what is right and wrong?

No one yet knows what is and is not correct. Course is generally governed by any moral code of a given culture, family and community, but I believe more on their own conscience and consciousness.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own story and each internally feel for what it is and is not correct. It is good for us to remain as nicely life.

The overview is that we will remain even after some impression, furrow. Something that says I was here, Anya. For me, I think, already plowed so nice. And I understand how great life is lucky to have a job that I liked and that fills me.

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