What is Positive Energy


It’s such a fine gesture towards the man who will be helping him.

* And how often apply perfume?

I recommend at least once a day, in the morning before you leave home. But it’s good to have your perfume wherever you go and freshen up his scent, for example, during a busy day.

The purse is a small bottle, but you’d be surprised how much is in the positive energy!

The office is due to colleague’s important consideration when applying perfume. Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutily would definitely tell you that you just sprayed it into the air and then they strolled through.

* Does the taste of European women, Asians and American women in terms of selection of fragrances?

Definitely A little different not only continents but also individual countries

For example, Europeans from the coastal states enjoy their clean, fresh scents and aromas inspired by herbs that are a natural part of their lives, and especially their cuisine.

Women from Eastern Europe who love the playful scent that partially correspond with their culture, and so may be worth considerably spicier.

In Asia, is very delicate and subtle fragrance, because the local women are much more concerned about skin care before choosing perfumes? Anyway, love the smell of roses.

Americans also make a point to cleaner, smell like and frugal. There are many popular warm tones such as in Eastern Europe.

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