Patients with Diseases of Internal Organs

How it affects us sounds? Whenever sound enters the ears and meets the ear drum, creating a vibration effect depends on the frequency and volume. The sound is then spread bones, tissues and… Continue reading

Cold Sores Are At First Glance Not Very Dangerous Disease

Seemingly trivial haze Cold sores are at first glance not very dangerous disease that causes us rather cosmetic problems. In a healthy adult and it may be, for a pregnant woman and her… Continue reading

Info About The Mumps Virus

Mumps virus in the first trimester could cause abortion, same goes for measles, which also can be the cause of some congenital defects. Even more dangerous are the rubella against which we vaccinate… Continue reading

Influenza Epidemic Forgive

If you cough a lot, you can cough especially at night dampen SINECOD you at least a little sleep. For the case of moist cough is applicable should pregnant women can also use… Continue reading

Dangerous Rising Temperature Of Your Body

We have good news for you: common viruses, which usually become ill due to the fall or winter, usually fail to influence the development of the unborn child or otherwise complicate pregnancy. Dangerous… Continue reading

Days Of Fitness With Diet

Days of fitness with diet Buy the current issue of the journal Diet and get free access to the fitness center. Diet Magazine invites you to “DAYS OF FITNESS”. Come work out with… Continue reading

The Fundamental Rule In Skin Care During Winter

Prepare your skin for winter, richly reward you In every season, you must modify your beauty habits. In winter, the greatest threat, which one should protect the face, large temperature fluctuations? The transition… Continue reading

Honey Contains A Substance Called Acetylcholine

Honey contains a substance called acetylcholine, which regulates blood pressure, bowel movements and to a small extent and activity of the heart. Honey is used as a natural antibiotic that acts against inflammation… Continue reading

Food is Always Protected From Insects

What to watch – Food is always protected from insects. Vegetables and fruit wash thoroughly and even those where removing the peel. Do not use the same knife for cutting meat and slicing… Continue reading

Recommended Foods Of Year

Recommended foods of year – If you want to truly benefit your body, you should choose foods that select specific organs, which is necessary in a given period of support. As regards fruit… Continue reading